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CoD:WWII's new War mode gives you another chance to never get on the damn payload


Call of Duty multiplayer exists as two distinct experiences, in my mind. The new: from Modern Warfare onward COD has been the essence of slick, with instant respawns, rewards for every kill I get, matches that are more about moment-to-moment action than larger narratives. And the old: Call of Duty 2 battles dominated by sneaking and bolt-action rifles, the tension of stalking a map with only one life in Search & Destroy. This week I played about two hours of Call of Duty: WWII, which launches its open PC beta on Friday, and mostly felt the familiar pacing and presentation of modern Call of Duty.

Official Call of Duty®: WWII – War Mode Briefing

But one mode stood out: War, an attack-and-defense contest that lines up a series of small objectives in a map that unfolds as the offense accomplishes each goal. On the War map available in the beta, this culminates with the PC gaming community's favorite activity of the past few years: ignoring the damn payload. The War match I played sets the Allies on offense, first trying to capture a c

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