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Communicate or die in hardcore horror shooter GTFO


My teammates and I are dropped into complete darkness at the beginning of our GTFO mission. With blackness has swallowed us whole but I pause before I turn on my flashlight, past experiences have taught me that bright lights can disturb the fleshy, distorted creatures that roam these industrial wastes.  Apprehensively turning our flashlights on, we begin to look around and discuss our mission. We've been forced down here by a mysterious individual called the 'Warden' to find the main reactor and switch it back online. Our plan is to first access a terminal to see where the reactor is and then make our way there, sneaking through the sprawling, metallic maze.

It seems straightforward enough but no doubt the devs, 10 Chambers Collective, will have thrown in some surprises that will put our teamwork to the test. "There are a lot of games that do cooperation, but there's not much of an emphasis on playing together," 10 Chambers Collective's Svante Vinternatt tells me. "In other co-op games, you can do your own thing and it doesn't really matter if you communicate what you do and where you are. Those games are still fun, but we wanted to push that up a level and really demand that you communicate between teammates in GTFO. "

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