Conan O'Brien, Tom Brady, And Dwight Freeney Face Off In For Honor

Manon Hume

In the stillness before battle, the warriors size each other up from across the field. Then suddenly, they strike, fighting desperately to claim victory and avoid defeat. Are we talking about football, or Conan O'Brien's special Super Bowl episode of Clueless Gamer? The newest entry since the TV host took on Battlefield 1 with Terry Crews has Conan and his special guests facing off in For Honor, the upcoming multiplayer action game.

Joined by Tom Brady, Dwight Freeney, and other football greats, Conan helps the Patriots and Falcons players work through their issues with the help of some very violent vikings. Watch Conan push Tom Brady off a bridge and finally find someone taller than him while Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski battle for the Ultimate Blademaster Extreme trophy. (Please visit the site to view this media) [Source: Team Coco on YouTube]

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