Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy needs some tweaking, but has high-nostalgic potential

Zack Furniss

I played Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy over the weekend at PSX, but I want to preface the preview with a couple thoughts. First, I remember enjoying the first three games a fair amount, and in my attempts to recollect them, I was unsure of whether they always felt like they were drenched in molasses or my child-skills weren't up to par. Second, after that fun Crash scene in Uncharted 4, I went back and played it for a few minutes to find that I wasn't totally n. sane after all: our humanoid bandicoot friend was never easy to navigate. While my Crash memories are admittedly murky, the N.

Sane Trilogy had a bizarre effect on the nostalgia buried deep within my guts. I started on the original beach level, and after acclimating to how much better Crash himself looked (so dang fuzzy! ), I found myself knowing where every single crate, jump, and hazard was. Though Vicarious Visions is in charge of this remake, I was told that the team received the original level geometry from Naughty Dog and built upon it, which feels immediately apparent. Read more…

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