Days Gone feels like a stitched-together corpse made up of other games

Zack Furniss

Days Gone took up a sizable portion of Sony's E3 press conference this year. In addition to a narrative trailer, there was segment of gameplay, making for an odd split during the conference. A few days later, I saw a live walkthrough of that same section behind closed doors. Almost the exact same beats happened throughout the presentation, but the group interview I participated in afterwards ended up being more worthwhile.

Sony's Bend Studio seems quite proud of its first new IP since Syphon Filter. After spending the last ten years on that series and portable Resistance and Uncharted games, Sony has given Bend a chance to stretch its creative legs. It's odd then that the team decided to do that by creating a game that huge chunks of Sony's audience thought was "The Last of Us 2: Biker Edition," but if it can do that and replicate the tension found in the demo, the creative bankruptcy won't seem so apparent. Read more…

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