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Dead or Alive 6 release date set for February

Tyler Wilde

Koei Tecmo announced yesterday that Dead or Alive 6 will release worldwide February 15, 2019. That includes a Steam release, and though this isn't the first Dead or Alive game to come to PC, we're hoping it's a bit better than Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. Those who participate in the "Early Purchase Bonus program" on Steam, which I have to assume is a fancy way to say 'pre-order the game,' will receive a bonus costume for Kasumi, as well as an extra playable character, Nyotengu.

If you want to know more about the latter, her Fandom wiki page spends just a little too long describing the particulars of her appearance, though I suppose that is consistent with DoA's themes. Seriously, though, check out this paragraph exclusively dedicated to Nyotengu's hair:"Her dark bluish hair is intricately done, with perfect straight cut style bangs and perfectly cut hime side-locks. Unusually, the rest of her side-locks are left uncut and long, an

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