December Cover Revealed – Mass Effect Andromeda

Joe Juba

Mass Effect was one of the defining franchises of the last generation, but Commander Shepard’s story has been done for more than four years. Ever since Mass Effect 3, fans have been wondering what is next for this series. BioWare officially announced Mass Effect Andromeda at E3 2015, and we’ve seen glimpses of it since – including during September’s PS4 Pro reveal. However, fans haven’t gotten any solid details about what Andromeda is or what it means for the future of Mass Effect. Until now. We visited BioWare Montreal to get the first real look at the next installment in this epic outer-space saga, scheduled to release in spring 2017. We watched the opening scenes, saw a new alien species, and even played a few rounds of multiplayer.

We interviewed the team about changes to the combat, how skill points work, and the various activities and planets you’ll discover as either Scott or Sarah Ryder. You can find all of these details – and many more – packed into our 16-page cover story. We also worked with BioWare to give you two gorgeous covers – one for each of the Ryder twins. You can see them in their full glory below. Click on the covers above and below to see the entire spreads, front and back. To learn more about our upcoming online coverage and get a glimpse of what we saw…

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