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Demon's Souls is getting a remaster, but no word yet on a PC release


At long last, the game that started From Software's Souls series is getting a makeover. A Demon's Souls trailer was just shown off at Sony's PS5 reveal event. It's being worked on by Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio, with no mention of From Software in the trailer. It's hard to tell from the trailer, which appears to be cutscene rather than gameplay, whether this project will be a remaster or a full-on remake.

Bluepoint has worked on extensive remasters before, like 2018's Shadow of the Colossus. With development in the hands of Sony's Japan Studio and Bluepoint, rather than From Software, a PC release feels a little less likely—but Horizon: Zero Dawn has been announced for PC, in what we hope is the first of many Sony exclusives to make their way over. Developing…

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