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Destiny 2 beta confirms weapon and armor mods


With the PS4 beta for Destiny 2 going live today, we now have confirmation that weapon and armor items will be getting mods for both stats and shaders. In the first game most loot came with prepackaged perks and attributes which were selected from a pool of possibilities by an invisible dice roll. For the sequel, we know that RNG is being reduced with static rolls for gear, but to stop that from being boring, you’ll also be able to customise your gear with various mods. Dive into the inventory menu then inspect a weapon, and the mod slots are listed in the bottom half of the screen.

The first slot in the image enables you to ‘infuse’ (ie consume) another weapon of the same type with higher stats in order to power up the existing weapon. Nothing new there, but it’ll be interesting to see if infusion still offers a 1:1 exchange rate in terms of Light level. The second slot is used for the perk of your choosing. In this case, as this is an ‘energy weaponȁ

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