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Destiny 2 dataminers uncover secrets, surprises, and spoilers


Destiny 2 finally came to the PC yesterday, and of course dataminers immediately dug into it to see what they could foretell of its future. One, a redditor named TheEcumene, found quite a bit, including voice lines referring to new worlds, Destiny 1 patrol zones, the Prison of Elders, and a number of other things that—fair warning—may well be minor (or major) spoilers. Some of the uncovered content may be reworked or discarded material that wasn't fully excised from the game, or possibly related to forthcoming DLC.

References to Osiris, for instance, are presumably connected to the Curse of Osiris expansion that appeared on the Microsoft store last month. Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon, gets a mention, as does something called the Myriad. Voice lines also make reference to Destiny 1 patrol zones including Venus, Mars, the Dreadnaught, and Old Russia, several Destiny 1 events, the Reef social hub, the Black Garden area seen at the end of the story, and Destiny

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