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Destiny 2 exotic weapon Coldheart revealed, will be pre-order exclusive until December


With Destiny 2’s divisive open beta still in our rearview mirrors, today Bungie revealed Coldheart, a new exotic weapon coming to the sequel. It’s nice to see new toys, but Coldheart will likely cause some division of its own: it’s a pre-order exclusive that won’t be available to all players until December 5, 2017. Bungie senior gameplay designer Jon Weisnewski called Coldheart a “trace rifle” in an interview with IGN. Essentially, it fires a constant laser beam that deals damage over time.

Destiny 2: Creating the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle - IGN First

Weisnewski also confirmed that players will have to manage recoil while firing the beam, and that it can deal precision damage. Sadly, in spite of its namesake—the liquid coolant that also acts as its ammunition—it does not freeze enemies. Fusion rifles, which take a moment to charge before firing a burst of fast-moving lasers, are the closest comparison, but Coldheart is definitely a new breed of weapon. As of now it’s the only on

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