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Destiny 2 Faction Rally tokens are being throttled in yet another baffling misstep

Andy Chalk

A new Destiny 2 Faction Rally got underway yesterday, and once again an unfathomable decision by Bungie has alienated and angered players. The problem this time is a throttle on faction tokens, the little markers of success that are earned by completing various in-game activities. Tokens are converted to engrams that decrypt into arms, armor, and cosmetics, and also determine the ultimate winner of the rally—whoever collects the most is the best—and Bungie has decided to put a very tight limit on the rate at which they can be earned. I encountered this issue myself last night: Lost Sector and Public Event chests simply stopped dropping tokens.

Naively, I assumed that it was likely the result of servers struggling to keep up with the spike in demand caused by the start of a new rally. But a quick trip to the Bungie website this morning revealed that it's actually intended to be working like that. "We're aware of player reports about Lost Sectors not gr

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