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Destiny 2 for PC: launch times, first raid, and known issues detailed


Destiny 2 finally releases next week, October 24 to be exact, but exactly when on October 24? The details are out, thanks to a new update from Bungie outlining everything we need to know for the game's imminent PC launch. At launch, the game will feature Nightfall Normal Mode strikes, Nightfall Prestige Mode and Nightfall Guided Games. Meanwhile, the game's first raid will roll out a week after launch on November 1, along with the Trials of the Nine – an endgame 4v4 Crucible mode. Then, on November 7, the prestige version of the raid will unlock, as will its guided games.

There's a list of Day 1 known issues for PC as well. You might find, after idling, that you're kicked back to the home screen and unable to log back in. If this happens, you have to shut the program and re-open it. Meanwhile, you may find the Windows 10 game bar doesn't work in Fullscreen Mode – so you'll need to use Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen if you want to use the game bar.

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