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Destiny 2 has the same glimmer farming cap as the first game

Andy Chalk

A report of a hidden "glimmer cap" in Destiny 2 that recently surfaced on Reddit isn't exactly news, because it's not actually new: It's a carryover from the original game that was implemented to limit the impact of farming. But since the first Destiny wasn't released for the PC, its existence is bound to be news to some of us. So consider this a friendly PSA that if you're looking to get rich quick by wiping out hordes of bad guys, it might not go quite as quickly as you expect. The presence of the cap was confirmed by NoctisNoctua, who performed three not-exactly-scientific tests in the EDZ and one on Titan.

He found that once he'd pulled in chunks of around 400 glimmer, it stopped coming until he stopped killing. After taking a short break and then returning to the slaughter, the cap was actually lower than it had been previously. Returning to the fight following a 20-second break, a chunk of 200 glimmer was enough to trigger the limit. "

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