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Destiny 2 is discounted in Blizzard's Black Friday sale

Andy Chalk

Blizzard's Black Friday sale on Battle. net is a lot like Blizzard itself: There's not a whole lot in the way of variety, but what they've got is really good. Destiny 2 is probably the biggest deal on tap. The standard edition is on for $40, while the version with the expansion pass bundled in is $68, and the digital deluxe is $75. But you can actually do a little better on the standard release at Green Man Gaming, which has it on for $36.

(GMG's Digital Deluxe pricing comes in higher, though, so you'll want to stick with Battle. net if you're after the big package. ) If your interests lean toward games that are a little less about banging your face against indecipherably-obtuse multiplayer gong shows that aren't really that complicated except that yes they are (also known as "raids"), you can opt for Overwatch instead—$20 for the regular release or $30 for the Game of the Year edition. World of Warcraft is also on for half-p

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