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Destiny 2 Masterwork armor and Raid reworks detailed in Bungie update

Andy Chalk

The latest edition of This Week at Bungie is another big one, with detailed information on Destiny 2's upcoming Iron Banner Event, substantial changes to how Raid loot drops work, some straight talk on why you can't easily dismantle all those shaders you've got lying around, and a rundown of the rest of what players can expect from the 30 January update. At the top of the list is Masterwork armor, which will bring a big change to Destiny duds when it's rolled out next week. In most ways, Masterwork armor will function in the same was as their weapon counterparts.

Every piece of Legendary armor has a small chance to drop as a Masterwork, with a not-terribly-useful bonus—in this case, an extra three percent increase in damage resistance while your Super is active, stacking to 15 percent for a full Masterwork suit. But there is one significant element: Masterwork armor can be reworked to a different stat package—Heavy, Light or Restorative. Restorati

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