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Destiny 2 now requires twice as much XP to earn levels

Andy Chalk

There was a big blowup in Destiny 2 leading into the weekend when it came to light that a hidden scaling system was reducing the amount of XP awarded to players—sometimes dramatically—while simultaneously indicating that it was being given. Caught with its hand in the Pop-Tarts jar, Bungie didn't exactly fess up, but rather said that the system was "not performing the way we’d like it to," and that it had therefore decided to switch it off. Sketchy, yes, but score one for Destiny 2 players who would now start earning level-ups—and more importantly, the bright engrams that come with each new level—at a proper, faster pace.

Except that it didn't take long for another smart redditor to notice something else fishy going on. The XP scaling system had been taken out, yes, but the amount of XP needed to advance levels had been doubled, from 80,000 to 160,000. So while the removal of scaling has increased the rate of XP

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