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Destiny 2: The Dawning backfires, players launch 'RemoveEververse' forum campaign

Andy Chalk

The Destiny 2 holiday event The Dawning got underway earlier this week, with all kinds of activities to enjoy (shooting guys) and stuff to collect. It also appears to have touched off a spot of unhappiness among the players—and by "unhappiness," I mean what appears to be effectively open revolt on the Bungie forums. The problem is the Eververse Trading Company, a mostly real-money store where the Awoken merchant Tess Everis hawks her wares. Some of what she sells can be purchased with Bright Dust, an in-game currency earned by breaking down certain kinds of items, but the selection is small and Bright Dust is hard to come by: I've played, not fanatically but regularly, since Destiny 2 came out and I've managed to collect just shy of 1500, which is enough to buy the Winterhart chest armor, which goes for 1200 Bright Dust.

Leg armor? Sorry, that's another 800. Helmet, gauntlets, and ass-cape are all on top of that, and if I want a Dawning-themed ship

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