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Destiny 2 update goes live with new Masterwork Armor and Raid gear perks

Andy Chalk

The latest Destiny 2 update went live today, and as tradition dictates, so too did the patch notes. Masterwork Armor is now available, granting a bonus three percent damage resistance per piece (stackable to 15 percent) when your Super is active. Legendary armor pieces can now drop as Masterworks from any source, and existing Legendaries can be upgraded at a cost of five Masterwork Cores and 20 Legendary Shards; Masterwork stat packages can also be re-rolled for one Masterwork Core and 20 Legendary Shards, and a willingness to embrace the sweet kiss of RNGesus.

The highlights of this update were laid out last week, although there are quite a number of smaller, less noticeable changes and fixes in there too: An issue causing Ikora to display an incorrect waypoint has been cleared up, for instance, and the dismantle timer for Masterwork Cores has been increased. But there are one or two more interesting bits stashed in there too. The XP requirement for Illuminated Engrams has been reduc

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