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Destiny 2 was 'the largest PC launch in Activision history'

Andy Chalk

Destiny 2 is not without its troubles, but it has nonetheless been a big success for Activision. The company said in its fourth-quarter and 2017 year-end financial results that the space-wizard shooter was "the largest PC launch in Activision history based on units," and that its first expansion, Curse of Osiris, had a higher attach rate—that is, the percentage of Destiny 2 owners who bought it—than the first expansion for the original Destiny. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said during the earnings call that the launch of Destiny 2 was "very successful," and that it enjoyed "high levels of engagement for the first couple of months post-launch.

" But he also acknowledged that Bungie's effort to make the game "less of a grind" than the original Destiny resulted in some expected problems. "That actually allowed our core players to consume the content faster than we anticipated, and that led to an increas

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