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Destiny 2 will have locked loadouts and public event timers


In the latest video from IGN’s month of Destiny 2 reveals, we scrounged up a few interesting changes coming to the sequel, though they likely won’t be revelatory to fresh PC players. The most notable change is the news that some activities won’t let players change their loadout mid-mission. Previously, you could swap between whatever weapons or gear were in your inventory with a quick menu dive. Game director Luke Smith wants players spending less time in menus and more time carefully considering what to bring.

Destiny 2: Bungie's Vision for the Sequel - IGN First

"The difficulty, certainly pinnacle level of the game, we've tried to make a much tougher game that, if you think of your weapons and items as a golf bag, we only want you to look into your golf bag before you start an activity and go like, 'Oh, what should we bring to this? '” he says, “because for some of those activities you're going to be loadout locked once they start, which means you can't change. "So long as t

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