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Destiny 2’s developers on balancing for mouse and keyboard, content droughts, and poledancing


After our first big hands-on with Destiny 2 a month before E3, we spoke with director Luke Smith for a forthcoming cover feature, highlights of which you can read now. Since then we've gotten an even better look at the PC version—we captured 4K, 60 FPS video and played on a mouse and keyboard. We also once again sat down with Bungie’s PC lead David Shaw to dig deeper into Destiny 2’s PC build, and this time he was joined by senior software engineer Thomas Gawrys of Vicarious Visions, Bungie's development partner on PC.

Unsurprisingly there were some topics the two weren’t able to discuss yet, but there's plenty of new detail below on what to expect from the PC build of the game, which at this point (annoying platform exclusives aside) is clearly going to be the definitive version of the shared-world sci-fi shooter sequel. Or SWSFSSS, as no-one's calling it. This interview has been edited and arranged for length and clarity.

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