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Destiny 2's first DLC is great fan service, but can't be expected to fix the endgame single-handed

Tim Clark

The Curse of Osiris is in an impossible position. Destiny 2's first expansion is billed, correctly, as an injection of new story missions and gear to collect, with the added hook of an additional planetary destination, Mercury, to explore. The glassy architecture and sun-fried vistas provide the perfect backdrop to discover the truth behind the disappearance of Osiris, the most powerful warlock in Destiny lore, who was previously banished because, well, evil robot reasons. So, what's the problem? The issue is one of expectations.

As Tom noted in his review, Destiny 2 houses around 100 hours of primo space shooting before you start bouncing off the sides. It's around that point it becomes clear that the endgame grind is actually nothing of the sort. Most players will have hit the level cap and collected, if not every piece of gear, then certainly enough of the relevant weapons that chasing for any stragglers feels irrelevant. Couple that with a certain amount of pla

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