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Destiny 2's hotfix solves one performance problem, but creates another worse one


You know the old saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if it is broke, make sure you don't break something more important when fixing it. Unfortunately, that seems to be what happened to today when Bungie rolled out a hotfix as part of the 1. 0. 6 Patch, which was intended to solve the performance degradation being caused by a bug that also means clan rosters were not displayed in-game. The good news: The clan bug has indeed been resolved.

You can now see your clanmates listed in the clan menu, and my performance has remained consistent even after leaving the game running for a couple of hours. However, it is now consistently problematic in a different way. Both James and I are experiencing micro-freezes that last about a second or so, particularly during busy public events. Note that these were not present when playing on the same hardware previously. A quick glance at the big Destiny 2 community sites reveals many players complaining of the exact same thing. The current

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