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Destiny 2's PC beta will feature improvements forged from the tears of console players


New details regarding Destiny 2's PC beta were revealed this afternoon as part of Bungie’s weekly update. The content will largely be the same as what console players experienced a few weeks ago—with one obvious exception. PC players will have access to a new Control PvP map, Javelin-4. The news follows a system requirements and date announcement for the beta, set to run from August 28 to 31. Bungie also noted that feedback from the console beta has led to tweaks which have been implemented in time for the PC version.

“We’ve answered feedback on how often you have access to power ammo or your super abilities," said community manager Cozmo. "These changes will be subtle. If you were onboard for the console Beta, see if you can detect them. ” For an idea of what the feedback at the time was like, check out our comprehensive Destiny 2 beta impressions, which listed a number of things we'd like to see altered, most significant of which

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