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Destiny 2’s PS4 beta points to a game with a split personality


The PS4 beta for Bungie’s forthcoming shared-world sci-fi shooter sequel opened its airlock on Tuesday, and though we’ll have to wait until next month to put the PC version through its paces, there’s still plenty to learn about how key systems have been altered. The first thing to note is that the content is roughly the same stuff we played (on PC) at the Destiny 2 reveal event back in May. That means an expanded version of the Homecoming story mission, a co-op Strike called The Inverted Spire (which you can see us play on PS4 here), and two PvP modes and maps.

Unlike the beta for the original game, which gave players great swathes of mission content and two planets to explore, much of Destiny 2’s mechanics remain locked off this time. Which is probably for the best, given that the game depends on a sense of discovery and Bungie arguably spoiled way too much the first time around. But it does mean the beta is going to be spent endlessly replaying the same m

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