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Destiny 2's social space, The Farm, has a Cryptarch and multiplayer soccer


IGN has posted a video tour of the new "social space" in Destiny 2 called The Farm, a idyllic (relatively, anyway) location populated by civilians, Guardians, and vendors that will serve as the player's home base after they've been evicted from the city by the Cabal. The Farm is "a fairly dynamic space," narrative lead Ryan Ebenger explains in the video, with a population that changes and grows over the course of the game. A postmaster will ensure that the mail still gets delivered, and Tyra Karn from the original Destiny will serve as The Farm's Cryptarch.

Destiny 2: Tour of the New Social Space "The Farm" - IGN First

It will also feature unlockable activities, which Ebenger said are "diversions" that will provide ways for players to entertain and "draw attention" to themselves. "One of the challenges for Destiny 2 is to realize the idea that you're going to be here with 26 other players—sorry, 25 other players … and we want to give you a way to draw attention

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