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Destiny 2's weapons and armor won't have random rolls


Earlier this week I wrote a feature outlining the nagging worries I have about Destiny 2’s design, a game I am otherwise almost uncomfortably excited about playing. Clearly inspired by the article, Bungie has decided to pile on a new worry. According to an E3 interview game director Luke Smith gave to Mashable, all the gear in the game—i. e. weapons and armor—will drop with set perk rolls. Why is that a worry?

Well, Destiny is a loot grind game and one of the things that kept players plugging away for three years in the first game, despite some Saharan content droughts, was the flickering hope of getting a god roll on a particularly coveted item. But apparently that’s a situation which the sequel doesn’t want to repeat. “There aren't random rolls on weapons anymore,” Smith said. “Better Devils is a Crucible hand cannon [in Destiny 2], and what it has on it is what it has on it. Period. " Apparently the reason for the chang

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