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Destiny players are mad that cosmetic shaders are now single-use


Destiny 2, while so far incrementally improving on the original in almost every way, dropped the ball with its fashion community shortly after its recent console launch. Formerly permanent inventory items you could swap in and out at will to change your guardian's color palette, Destiny 2's shaders disappear after a single use. It's upset an otherwise enthusiastic community, expressed most visibly on the popular Destiny subreddit.

Reddit user WeilageM supports their frustration in a detailed post, with one point in particular standing out: "You're going to be collecting armor and weapons in this game, and you're going to need a shader for each and every piece. "Shaders are applied to individual pieces of armor and weaponry this time around, which is a welcome change, but because players swap between so much gear so often, guardians are going to be a motley mess unless there's an abundance of shader drops. I've only been playing for a few hou

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