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Devil May Cry 5 footage shows Dante using his hat as a weapon

Joe Donnelly

This Devil May Cry 5 gameplay shows Dante hitting demons with his motorbike. The following DMC 5 gameplay footage shows the silver haired slayer beating baddies with his hat. Recorded at the weekend's New York Comic-Con (via Eurogamer), Dante is seen wearing the Faust Hat, which gives the star man a host of superhuman powers. The hat itself looks like a nod to Devil May Cry 4's hat-donning Faust—a lower-level demon who was considered a relative of the Mephisto. In practice, the Faust Hat is powered by red orbs and appears to transform them into mana. All of which looks like this:

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DMC5 Faust Hat red orb used as mana but will return back even more red orbs MTX kiss my ass