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Devil May Cry 5 is shaping up to be an exceptional return for the series

Tom Senior

Who is V? He saunters through Devil May Cry 5 with a sleeveless leather coat, a cane, and a book of poetry he can read in the middle of combat. Dante and Nero pulverise enemies with familiar melee combos, many unchanged from other games in the series. V lets his pet demons do the talking. The ranged fire button causes his pet bird Griffon to fire bolts of electricity at enemies. The melee button sends a shapeshifting panther called Shadow off to combo distant enemies.

When an enemy is sufficiently battered, they reel back, turn a shade of grey and open themselves up to a teleporting finisher with V’s cane. The story switches between Nero, Dante, and V throughout Devil May Cry 5. V’s sections feel like a holiday. That’s partly down to V’s languid animations (he prefers to surf through levels on a pool of dark energy than run at full speed), but also thanks to his enormous pet golem Nightmare. When you activate V’s version of Devil Trigger the monster appears—sometimes via meteor, sometimes via a cavern in the ground—and starts automatically pummeling enemies with big fists and laser beams.

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