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Devil May Cry 5: Where to find Secret Missions, Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs

Jason Coles

Sometimes the power you start with just isn’t enough. Before you tackle Devil May Cry 5's harder difficulties, you’re going to want all the health and demonic power you can get. In Nico's customization shop you can buy a limited number of Blue Orbs, which each add one vitality slot to your health bar, and Purple Orbs, which expand the Devil Trigger gauge. But those aren't the only orbs in DMC5. Scattered throughout the game's levels you'll find hidden orb fragments for both blue and purple orbs.

Collect four fragments and you'll have a full orb. Many of these you'll earn by completing a level's hidden Secret Mission. Here's our guide to Devil May Cry 5's orb locations and secret missions. We're still combing over a few levels, so we may have missed a fragment or two; stay tuned for updates as we play more. For now, follow along to grab them as you play through, or return to levels on Human difficulty and blitz through to grab the orb fragments.

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