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Diablo 4 announced with a gory cinematic trailer, PvP confirmed


Diablo 4 was announced during today's BlizzCon opening ceremony, debuting with a cinematic trailer depicting some treasure hunters venturing deep into a spooky demonic temple. Things go wrong as soon as the first door demands a blood sacrifice. The adventures are swiftly picked off until one remains, who ends up summoning the Mother of Misery, Lilith. She looks nasty. I dig it.  Game director Luis Barriga followed up the trailer by confirming the series is returning to a much darker look, saying, "We are going back to the franchise's darker roots.

It'll mean blood and gore. It'll mean occult symbols and rituals. "More announcements and details are incoming and we'll update as they roll out.  We'll be covering BlizzCon throughout the weekend, from new games and updates to the Hong Kong protests taking shape around the convention.  

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