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Diablo 4's always-online elements could conflict with its desolate art


Diablo 4's crypts feel more hateful than Diablo 3's. They're grimier and dustier, with Bloody Piles that explode like popped blisters in slow-mo. It's also shiner on the whole. Lightning shimmers across wet stone, and sometimes it starts raining outside, coating everything with a wet sheen and dynamically generating muddy puddles. It feels retro in a good way: modern tech with an old, filthy look. I'm hesitant to draw any big conclusions about Diablo 4, because it will probably be quite different whenever it releases—and that won't be very soon, says Blizzard.

The demo was easy, for one thing. I assume Blizzard didn't want people getting frustrated, especially those on the show floor who had to stand in a long line, so they outfitted us with strong characters. I played the 20-minute demo twice, once as the Druid and once as the Sorceress. In the latter run, I was chewing through heavy enemies like the Drowned Juggernauts—big boys who slam down splash damage attacks—without much worry. My mouse-bound abilities, a little ice projectile and a bigger fire projectile, were more than enough, so I only played with her hotkey abilities to spice things up. I used a health potion just once, and I didn't really need to.

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