DICE reveal September window for Battlefield V open beta

Chris Moyse

DICE, developer of the popular Battlefield series, have uploaded a lengthy blog post announcing the release window for the open beta of the series' next entry, Battlefield V, which will roll out sometime in September. The team also took the time to reveal some interesting stats and details gleaned from the game's first alpha sessions, which took place last month. Based on the feedback, DICE are looking to switch up various elements of the game's online matchmaking, including queues and team placement, though they have stated they're pretty happy with the stability of the game under player pressure.

DICE will continue to work on Battlefield's death machines, with a very polarising view among players over whether the game featured too much damage, or whether the game's TTK (Time To Kill) is in a good place. This is always a tough balance, as player opinion on these matters can often fall into the tug-of-war that is "Damage is too high because I kept dying" versus "Damage is fine 'cos I got lots of kills". Read more…

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