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Dirt 4 review


I’m halfway through a gruelling four-mile rally when a tyre suddenly pops. I can hear the loose rubber clinging on for dear life until it eventually bursts and disintegrates, revealing a bare metal wheel scraping along the gravel and leaving a trail of sparks. I could restart, but I decide to push on because I’m three long rallies into a six-stage championship. The car is flailing wildly and I have to fight with it to keep it on the track, but I somehow manage to limp over the finish line and place a respectable third. This is Dirt 4 at its best.

Those moments when you’re flying by the seat of your pants, wrestling with your car as it careens through the mud, surviving long enough to cross the finish line. Rallies are intense, nerve-racking tests of endurance and driving skill. And when something goes wrong, like a knackered wheel or your headlights blinking out after one too many bumps in a night race, things get even more stressful. Especially when you consider that s

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