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Discovering horrible basement secrets in Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider

Andy Kelly

While exploring Karnaca’s Upper Cyria district, I find a taxidermy shop hidden down a side street. The owner is pleasant enough, but because Dishonored games turn me into a raging kleptomaniac, I investigate the locked door in the back. I wait for her to turn away, snatch the key from her belt and descend into a dingy basement. Then, suddenly, I’m on fire, having just triggered a tripwire. Why does a taxidermist need an elaborate security system?

Something is going on here, and I intend to find out what it is. At the bottom of the stairs it becomes clear why she was so keen to keep people out of her basement. On a table I see the ravaged corpse of a Bloodfly victim. And in a nearby cell, there’s a nest of the vile insects and a terrified man begging to be set free. A nearby crank handle, which operates the gate, reveals the grim truth: this woman has been kidnapping people, subjecting them to Bloodfly attacks, then harvesting the amber, which can be sold for a pre

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