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Dishonored 2's Death of the Outsider could have focused on Daud but was considered 'the easy road'


When Dishonored 2's Death of the Outsider was revealed at E3, its launch trailer (featured above) showcased Billie Lurk slaughtering five baddies before rescuing her mentor Daud. With that, the star of the forthcoming DLC's show was immediately clear—however Daud was once considered as the standalone expansion's central protagonist. That's according to the game's lead designer Dinga Bakaba, who I sat down with alongside lead level designer Christophe Carrier at Gamescom. "We spoke to Harvey and we knew we wanted to explore this part of the universe, which is like the underground," Bakaba tells me.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – Official E3 Announce Trailer

"The powerful are the focus of the main games and DLC was the underground, the assassins, the shady figures, and so we wanted to come back to that. We weren't sure at first, but Billie became more and more interesting as we worked on Dishonored 2. There was an option where we could have just told this story through the eyes of D

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