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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider review


I'm in a bank vault, up to my waist in water. This is still, technically, a 'ghost' run. No alarms have been sounded. But the hole in the roof above suggests a different story—one of planning, mild carnage, and 'oh, what happens if I do this? ' Death of the Outsider's third mission is a standout heist that shows Dishonored's semi-directed design at its best.

It's not necessarily my favourite thing about this standalone expansion—we'll get to that—but the dense network of possibilities and routes is as good as anything found in Dishonored 2. Breaking into Karnaca's most secure bank is just another step in protagonist Billie Lurk's plan to kill the Outsider. Lurk, having cast off her assumed identity as the captain of the Dreadful Wale, reunites with her former mentor and frenemy Daud. The aging assassin enlists Billie's help for one last job: bumping off the black-eyed emo god-being at the heart of the Void. As i

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