Dishonored’s anti-establishment rage finally boils over in Death Of The Outsider

Matt Gerardi

The stories of both main Dishonored games have always functioned on an uncomfortable thematic contradiction. These are pulpy revenge tales where massive kingdom-shaking coups are made into intensely personal vendettas, where members of the nobility are cast into hiding and seek to regain power by slitting the throats, literally or figuratively, of the elites that stole it from them. It’s always felt like these games wanted to immerse players in the sad, filthy streets of a society that’s being crushed under the oppressive weight of its institutions and then allow them to be the vengeful sword of the people.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider | Gameplay Reveal (2017) [HD]

But while all that violence against the corruption of industry, religion, and government feels like righteous rebellion in the moment, there’s no escaping the fact that Corvo and Emily are ultimately members of that same aristocracy. Yes, the citizens of The Empire Of The Isles are far better off under the auspices of Emily The Merciful than Delilah The Deranged, but the end result of all that action is personal vindication and the reforming of a less awful aristocratic status quo.

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