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Don't try to sell Call of Duty to us as anti-war


The Call of Duty: WWII reveal event was equal parts bold and hilarious. From what we heard, the new game sounds like a bog standard Call of Duty with a well-trod WWII story that puts America center stage. It may well be the best-selling game of 2017, and it should move the CoD series away from its current 'more is more' trajectory of gadgetry, drones, and exoskeletons as seen in Advanced and Infinite. But if you believe the developers at Sledgehammer—take a big sip of coffee before continuing—the actual reason Call of Duty has returned to World War 2 is to prevent World War 3.

Official Call of Duty®: WWII Reveal Trailer

“When we started this journey almost three years ago,” Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condry said during the livestream, “it was really [about] wanting to tell a really impactful narrative and story, largely to ensure this sort of conflict doesn’t happen again. ”While you squeegee the spit off your monitor, let’s consider that claim. If CoD:WWII is ""

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