Dontnod's Vampyr has more in common with Life is Strange than you might think

Brett Makedonski

At a cursory glance, Vampyr, developer Dontnod Entertainment's third game, could not be any more different from Life is Strange. One's an action role-playing game set in early 1900s London; the other is an exploration- and narrative-based drama. After getting a 15-minute look at Vampyr, there's a lot more similarity between the two than anyone would guess. It's not the surface details that give away the connection between Vampyr and Life is Strange, though. Instead, it's the underlying theme. Like Life is Strange, Vampyr constantly gives the player new ethical quandaries and asks them to decide between options that don't necessarily have an obviously-right answer.

Murder seems to be the central conceit for all of Vampyr's moral choices. As its namesake suggests, Vampyr is about a vampire. That's the protagonist, Dr. Jonathan Reid, a medical professional who also has a thirst for blood. He's caught between helping patients and killing them to sustain his own life. Read more…

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