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Dumping all your skill points into speech works pretty darn well in The Outer Worlds


There's a certain thrill in the idea of crafting a silver-tongued character in an RPG, someone who in a world of violent aliens and hostile factions can talk themselves out of trouble while leaving their laser pistol holstered. I played through The Outer Worlds attempting to do just that, pumping all of my skill points into the Dialog skill, and only the Dialog skill, every time I leveled up. It didn't mean I could avoid combat—there's still tons of it—but only putting points into Dialog didn't exactly hurt me on the battlefield because those Dialog skills not only give you more options while in conversations, allowing you to lie, persuade, and intimidate, they also give you effective abilities in combat, too.  Here's how it all worked. (And I won't spoil specifics about any quests below, don't worry.

)I created my character, Sly Vester, entirely with speech in mind. For his attributes, I gave him a Very High score in Intelligence (which governs, among other things, the Persuade skill), Temperament (which governs Lie), and Charm (Persuade, Lie, and Intimidate). This required lowering his other three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, and Perception) to below average. That feels a bit scary, but on the plus side, I gave him some very stylish eyebrows above his piercing blue eyes. I'm already feeling pretty persuasive.

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