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EA's promise of 'no loot boxes' in Jedi: Fallen Order is bold but not a good look

Samuel Roberts

EA's Andrew Wilson said something about the publisher following the recent layoffs of around 350 employees that stood out. It came from an internal email that accompanied that news, as reported by Kotaku. "We have a vision to be the World’s Greatest Games Company," he said, according to the report. "If we’re honest with ourselves, we're not there right now.

We have work to do with our games, our player relationships, and our business. " The idea of "closing the gap between us and our player communities" was also discussed—it was oddly honest, during an otherwise bleak moment for EA.  I was reminded of that during this past weekend. On Saturday, as EA revealed Jedi: Fallen Order—only the third game it's formerly announced based on Star Wars in the six years since it acquired the license—its official Star Wars account made this statement on Twitter:

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