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Electronic Arts stock sheds $3 billion in value after Battlefront 2

Andy Chalk

Electronic Arts' exclusive deal with Disney to make games based on Star Wars should have been a godsend—a contractual coup that could carry the company forward for years to come. Instead, it appears to be more akin to the Executor trying to parallel park in front of the Death Star: According to this CNBC report, EA has shed $3 billion in stock value since the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the fallout could impact the future direction of its entire business. EA's share price is down 8. 5 percent since the beginning of November, compared to an increase of five percent for Take-Two, and 0.

Darth Vader in Love

7 percent for Activision, over the same period. It's not a meltdown—EA's stock price is still up 39 percent over 2017, having reached an all-time high in October. But backlash against in-your-face loot boxes lit a fire, and EA's decision to turn them off—temporarily—only emphasized the game's apparent inability to function well without t

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