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Enforce child labour and feed citizens sawdust in grim Frostpunk trailer


Frostpunk is a city builder, but as its first gameplay trailer shows it's more about making tough moral decisions than planning a pretty road network. When a child is injured at work, do you outlaw child labour or give them some kind words and send them back to the factory? When your citizens are starving, do you bulk up their meals with sawdust and risk them falling ill or let them go hungry?

FROSTPUNK | Debut Gameplay Trailer - "Heartbeats"

The focus of Frostpunk is the survival of your frozen city, not its citizens, so I'm presuming that if you pick the choice that'd normally be preferable (outlawing child labour, for example) your city might soon suffer. It will have some traditional city building elements—you'll grow your icy town from a single, steam-powered tower by erecting new buildings and plonking down mines—but it's the moral dilemmas that will define it. As well as managing resources you have to keep your eye on your citizens' 'hope', which is likely to be thin on the ground

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