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Everything we know about Destiny 2's new social hub


Destiny 2 opens with the Cabal’s Red Legion laying siege to The Tower, the Guardians’ central stronghold and the main social hub in the original Destiny. Weakened by the loss of their Traveller, the Guardians are soundly beaten and forced to flee to the European Dead Zone, where they establish The Farm, a new base of operations. And thanks to new video from IGN, we now have some idea of what The Farm has to offer. Bungie is pitching The Farm as an organic and engaging home base that players will genuinely enjoy exploring and learning about, unlike The Tower, which was mainly a place for turning in and picking up quests.

Destiny 2: Tour of the New Social Space "The Farm" - IGN First

Returning to The Tower felt like a chore, especially with Destiny’s long loading screens, and navigating it wasn’t much better due to its bloated, unintuitive layout. Important NPCs were far away from utilities like storage, so collecting quests and gearing up was a tedious marathon. Thankfully, Bungie seems to have avoided these issues by c

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