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Exploring the weird world of Far Cry 5 custom maps

Phil Savage

I regret to inform you that I am back on the barrels. I’ll get around to playing Far Cry 5 properly one day, but right now I’m placing explosive barrel on top of explosive barrel, creating a giant, improbable stack on a flat, untextured environment. The original plan was to fill a pit full of explosives and bears, but I quickly hit the limit of how many unsuspecting ursine victims I could stuff into a single grid and things have just escalated since then. I’ve been a big fan of doing dumb shit in map editors ever since Crysis, and the niche trend of detonating thousands of explosive barrels until your PC crashed.

Unfortunately for me, Far Cry 5 is newer and wiser, and seems to have hard limits on the amount of raw explosion that can happen at a given time—almost like it has been designed to not let you set your computer on fire. Barrels (and grizzly bears) are about as far as my map-editing skills extend. Instead, I relocate to Far Cry 5’s libra

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