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Fallout 76 is growing on me, but I really miss human NPCs

Samuel Roberts

During yesterday's Fallout 76 beta session, my character got the marsupial mutation at just the right time. My objective was to enter a theme park that was swarming with feral ghouls and switch on the power for a nearby town, and I'd already died twice trying to get in there to complete the objective—once before I'd even entered the damn place. Some of Fallout 76's standard feral ghouls carry firearms, and I'm still fighting them with a pipe pistol, while two army-branded Mr Handys are hunting me down too for some reason.

The game notified me that I was irradiated enough that I'd mutated, and when I hit the jump button, I realised my character was doing some serious Jedi shit. I walked around to the wall nearest my objective and hopped over, hit the switch then hopped back again without having to fight anyone. I felt like I used my new condition, the result of drinking lots of irradiated water and being too lazy to select Radaway in the Pip-Boy men

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