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Fallout 76 isn't a proper Fallout game, but it’s fun anyway

Christopher Livingston

We've posted lots of stories and videos about Fallout 76 following our hands-on time with an Xbox One build last week. We showed you how disappointing VATS is, the game's cool treasure maps, the fun-sounding assassination radio station, what it's like to have a huge nuke plopped on us, and of course there's a heap of gaming footage to watch. But is Fallout 76, like… good? Is it fun?

Having played a bit of it, is it something I'm still excited about? Three hours of play isn't nearly enough to make a real judgement, but I definitely want to play more as soon as I can. It was fun, and I am still excited for the Fallout 76 beta and full game in November—though there are a few things that have dampened my enthusiasm a bit.

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